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Play it Again

May 28, 2017

Sam the Clam was a restaurant and bar I hesitated to visit for lunch last year while day tripping. I hesitated at the shack like appearance and the large Marilyn and gangster statues out front.  I took a risk and dined on the large deck. The food, wait staff and fellow diners were great. But the traffic of customers was light and so I didn’t think I experienced the full ambiance of the place.

The second time was a charm. I dined inside at a booth with an undersea port hole. I learned that...

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October 30, 2017


I did a double take. A nearby concert came across my radar that featured pipe organ music, local singers, musicians, a silent film and a Halloween costume contest. It was last minute and it sounded terrific.

I lept into action to complete my Halloween costume.  I crafted a leafy bracelet and matching ring to help people identify me as the action figure, Poison Ivy.

I introduced myself to concert goers and offered my hand covered with vine. Most admired my green wig and green sparkled...

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